Friday, May 22, 2009

A Veg gem in Normal, IL

Yesterday, I found myself in Bloomington, IL and was able to meet up with an old friend.  I only visit the town occasionally, and I suggested the Coffeehouse as the place of our lunch, since I had eaten there a few times before. This little cafe is nestled between Illinois State University and the Children's Museum and is entirely vegetarian, which is proudly stated on the menu. From experience, I know that vegetarian friendly may not always equate to vegan friendly, but this place does quite nicely.

The menu clearly has all vegan items marked as being such, and there is a variety even if the options are still somewhat limited. On previous visits, I had enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes and a southwestern style veggie burger, but this time I opted for the falafel.

I am such a sucker for falafel, but I ordered it anyway even though I'm leaving for Europe next week and will surely be eating a lot of it.  While those balls of chickpeas and spices themselves were not the best stand-outs that I have eaten or the tahini sauce was lacking in just the right zing, the final product was still tasty. The pitas were surprisingly good and there were just enough other condiments, ie lettuce, cucumber, and hummus.

Combined with a side of oven fries, mint tea, and good conversation, it was a very pleasant lunch indeed.  If you ever find yourself in Bloomington/Normal, IL, you can find the Coffeehouse at 114 E Beaufort St.

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