Friday, May 8, 2009

Stereotypical Student Suppers

I'm going to share some semi-recent meals because they seem like the kind of meals that a typical university student would quickly throw together. (Plus, I feel like I've been neglectful even though it has only been a few days. Wow, this week before graduation has been going by so quickly!)

The first meal is going to sound like an odd combination, but it was surprisingly delicious. I had a little bit of pearled barley to finish, so I combined it with pesto, beets, and carrots.  The pesto is a variation on the recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance, except with Swiss chard and cashews.  (I prefer the pesto with walnuts, but I didn't have any.) Since basil isn't in season, I love using Swiss chard for pesto because it helps me finish off whatever is left in my fridge, and I just love Swiss chard. Seriously. Even though I'm moving on Monday, I almost want to get a bag just so that I can have green smoothies for breakfast, even though I'll probably have other leftovers that need to get eaten.

Here, is what seems like a simple stir-fry over couscous, but looks are deceiving.  I used some soy chorizo in addition to the tofu, and... stinky tofu! I received a jar in one of the ppk care package swaps, and this was my first experimentation with it.  I only used two cubes, and I'm not sure if I can even describe the flavor that it lent the dish.  There was a discussion about how to use stinky tofu on the ppk, and I have other ideas that I'll hopefully be able to try at home (and get my omnivore family to eat).  I also have plenty of other asian grocery goodies that could be making an appearance sometime soon as well!

I don't have any good pictures of them, but if you have a lot of Kahlua to get rid of (for me, leftover from a recent tiramisu cake), then I have a recipe for you!  I made peanut butter Kahlua cookies, and they were absolutely wonderful. The recipe is from have cake, will travel and is great if you have friends who aren't huge peanut butter lovers like me. The Kahlua tones down on the peanut butter taste just enough but allows it to still be addictive to peanut butter lovers. I'd highly recommend them.

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Jeni Treehugger said...

Those Cookies sound good. I've just been over to that blog for the Peanut Butter Quick Bread recipe, I will have to spend a bit more time over there me thinks.
And that stir fry looks super yummy. I'm having a hard time imagining the stinky Tofu though....what does it stink of?