Sunday, December 28, 2008

Attempting to Fool (or rather, Outsmart) the Omnis

Stops you right in your tracks, doesn't it? This is the vegan version of my dad's amazing lasagna, which we have always had on Christmas Eve since I can remember.  It is pretty basic with whole wheat noodles, cashew tofu ricotta from Veganomicon, bell peppers, an improvised tomato sauce, and a secret ingredient or two.  Even though my brother complained about the lack of meat, he still went for seconds.  Wouldn't you?

We served a similar lasagna last year when we had family friends present for dinner in addition to my family.  It was my first holiday season as a vegan, and I was nervous as to how the improved version of this tradition would be received.  I was amazed when one of our guests was raving about it and totally blown away when my dad revealed that it was vegan, and thus non-dairy.  Such a reception is what any vegan would love to have from the average omnivore, and I'm glad to have gotten it during  my first vegan Christmas.


Anonymous said...

All this cooking looks great. I got back last night from a few days in Thüringen and it was meat and sauerkraut as far as the eye could see. So I set-to with a grin and put away a manly portion (or three) at every meal. Details to come soon.

I hope you're going well, ich wünsche dir auch einen guten Rutsch!


I would love to make this lasagna, but unfortunately, husband hates it. Maybe I should make this for myself?

roger said...

Holy cow that is some good looking lasgna.