Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stuffed Vegan Goodness

I met up with another vegan mutual friend today. It is safe to say that we totally stuffed ourselves with good vegan food. Sadly, the place that we really wanted to try, Vöner, is closed until July 2nd while the owners are on vacation. Because of this, we had to improvise and get dessert first at Cupcake. There was only one vegan option, and it was a banana-something-or-other, but it was really good anyway.  I am not usually a big fan of buttercream frosting, but the one on this cupcake was a bit different and surprisingly tasty.

After getting our cupcakes, we figured that we ought to have a real meal. This was solved by hopping onto the S-Bahn and taking a quick trip to Kreuzberg 
and Lausitzer Platz. This area is rather fun because there are several vegan-friendly places pretty close together. 

We ate at Cafe V, which is pseudo-vegetarian. (They serve fish, which seems like a contradiction to me.) Regardless, they still had 8 or so vegan options in the menu.  It was really hard to decide, but my friend got a pizza with tomato and seitan sauce and rucola on top. I ended up getting the stuffed tomatoes (rice, herbs, and possibly bell peppers) with a curry sauce.

We had a really nice time getting to know each other better and sharing the experiences that we have had in Berlin thus far.  We even switched over and talked in German for most of our time at Cafe V.  It is always nice to talk in German with people who do not go to my language school, and it was good practice for both of us since English is our first language anyway.

Even though we were very full after our meal, we could not help but visit the Eis Salon that is diagonally across the way from Cafe V.  This place is neat because they have just as many vegan options as options with diary.  Plus, some of the vegan options are actually soy ice cream and not just sorbet.  We had chocolate soy eis and raspberry sorbet, respectively.  Both flavors were delicious.  Good thing the Eis Salon is not too close to where I live, or else I would be visiting more often! Next time that I visit, I am definitely going to check if the waffle cones or chocolate sauce are vegan.  Hopefully, I will be able to have either a cone or a nice sundae.

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