Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to Hurt Everywhere

I went on a bike tour today of an area 40 mins or so outside of Berlin. Münchenberg or something. Brecht (German author, communist) had a summer home in the area that we saw. I was with a group of 3 other people from the school. I managed to survive despite not riding a bike since my time in Heidelberg two years ago. I only fell off twice, and that was when we were going down on a really steep path in the forest. I am dirty all over and ought to take a shower before sleeping.

I will sleep soundly tonight. Why, you ask? We rode for 50 kms. For those of you not up on your metric conversions, that is 31 miles. 31 freaking miles. I bet around 20 km of that was uphill. My legs are totally kaputt at the moment. I took a few pictures, but I am too kaputt to put them on my computer. I will be so sore tomorrow that is for sure.

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