Sunday, April 11, 2010

(Tempeh) Bacon Brilliance

Somewhat recently, I tried my hand at tempeh bacon again, and I found myself to be more successful the second time around. But, it wasn't the success that got me excited but what I thought to do with it once I made it. Behold an amazingly messy but delicious sandwich:

Tempeh bacon on homemade bread with sauerkraut, red onions, and the Vegan Brunch remoulade. Including the last ingredient was the stroke of brilliance on my part. Not to be outdone, I made an even better variation on this theme with pizza!

At the last minute, I realized that I only had enough yeast left to do a half batch of pizza dough, but it all worked out. Topped with some spicy tomato sauce from my freezer, I used up the last of the sauerkraut and sprinkled it liberally with tempeh and onions. Even better was drizzling the remaining remoulade on top!

I pretty much smelled like onions and kraut afterwards, but I didn't really care since I've been holed up studying as of late.


Mihl said...

That tempeh bacon is really an awesome recipe! And it sounds so great on pizza!

Mandee said...

I'll have a look at your previous post to find out what recipe you used for the tempeh bacon, but the sandwich and pizza look delicious!