Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A gradual return

I'm back to blogging, well, sort of. At least, I plan to resume in the next few days. Lots of things happened with school and I lost my passion for cooking for a bit. However, things have been on the upswing, sort of, and a two different friends who like to have cooking dates with me as well as another friend who wants me to give him cooking tips have helped me to love time in the kitchen again. Plus, with the semester winding down, I'll need to have some way to get rid of the stress of finals since most of my own TA duties are almost over. Not to mention that I just caved and bought Isa/Terry's new book as well as Celine/Joni's 500 vegan recipes. I'm pretty excited and just couldn't wait and only request them as holiday gifts...

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