Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Relaxing in Copenhagen

Another stop during my trip was Copenhagen.  This was exciting for me not only because I got to use a third currency (Danish Krones) but also because I got to meet Ditte of ppk fame and frequent vegan host!  And what a great host she is! 

On the evening of my arrival, we got set to make dinner right away, with a quick trip to the store halfway through to get new potatoes.  We ended up having quite the feast with roasted veggies, crusty panko crusted tofu, and an amazing mustard sauce from Veganomicon in which to drench everything.  The night did not only consist of cooking as we also walked around during dusk so that I could get my first glimpse of the city.

The next day involved lots of walking around, city exploring, popping into thrift stores, and vegan food eating (naturally).  To fortify ourselves for this trip, we made pitas to take with us filled with veggies, fresh dried tomato hummus or yogurt dill sauce.  So much good food was had that day and also included a trip to the infamous bakery with vegan chocolate croissants and cinnamon roll pastries.  To top that all off, we even stopped at a fancy chocolate shop where there were two different kinds of filled chocolates which were vegan.

Even though we ate a lot of food, that wasn't the whole point of the trip. I enjoyed learning lots of things about the country of Denmark as well as getting to know my host better.  While walking in Christiania, we even met up with one of her friends for a bit. Christiania itself is a really neat place in the middle of the city which was overtaken by squatters years ago and is a congregating place for the alternative lifestyle/hippie scene.  What I found particularly amazing was all the green space that was crammed in the area and made if feel like you were anywhere else as opposed to the middle of Copenhagen.

Nothing about my trip to Copenhagen was strenuous, except for the large amounts of eating.  Of course my wonderful host pointed out buildings or things of interest while on our walks, but it was nice to not be overly touristy.  I cannot believe how much we walked around and ate in the short time that I was there, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I give full credit to my hostess, and I cannot wait until she makes her trip to the States next year! When she stops by my place, I can only hope to be as awesome and will return the favor of making her sandwiches when she leaves my place for the next stop on her adventures!


vegan.in.brighton said...

Ditte is an awesome host, that panko crusted tofu looks great. I miss the croissant store!

Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com) said...

I am incredibly jealous of these delicious foods!