Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A quick word

I'm going to be brief because I'm so busy that I shouldn't be updating at all, however, this page was looking a little forlorn, and I couldn't resist.  This week is the last full week of classes before final exams, and I have so many things due that I have no idea how I'll get them all done. So much for taking it easy my last semester. Speaking of which, my mind is blow every time that I look at the countdown on my apartment's fridge, which lists the days until graduation.

I've got a few countdowns of my own going as well. Two to be exact. Days until I go to Europe for four weeks (just bought my ticket over the weekend!): 37. Days until I relocate to Cornell: 76. Wow.

I've got several food things to share, but instead, I'm going to show what can currently describe my life at the moment.  After several things going wrong today, I had to make myself some chocolate chocolate chips peanut butter cookies. Such a good standby from eat, drink and be vegan.

And yes, that is a rough draft of my undergraduate thesis sitting underneath.  Actually, break time is over, and I'm back to work. (Story of my life for the rest of the week...)

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