Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why I never cook steel cut oats on the stove

I don't know why I have an inability to cook steel cut oats on the stove, but I do.  I've tried to do this seemingly simple procedure several times and have always succeeded in making a total mess of it.  Case in point:

Would you want me doing this to your poor innocent stove? I think not.

I get everything set up, and I leave the room for a half hour after making sure that they are gently simmering in their water. I come back, and that was the sight that greeted me. Not much fun to clean up, trust me.

So how do I usually cook steel cut oats if not on the stove? I use a crock pot.  I discovered this method after a thorough introduction to steel cut oats over at the fat free vegan kitchen blog.
My slow cooker was given to me by my parents after they got a new one, so it is rather ancient (well, let's just say that they got it as a wedding present and have been married 25 years or so).  It takes me about 4 hours (sometimes 5) to cook my oats, but if I have homework or reading that needs to be, it is convenient to go stir it whenever I need to take a break.  I cook two cups at a time, which gives me enough oats for an entire week's worth of breakfasts.
I really like steel cut oats because they are rather filling and a whole grain.  To reheat my oats, I get a few scoops of cooked oats that are congealed and pour a little non-dairy milk over them.  I put this in the microwave for a minute or so. Then I add a little maple syrup, ground flax seeds, and frozen raspberries and microwave it for another minute or two. Stir well, and you have a very satisfying breakfast indeed.

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Brian said...

it's not as econmoical, but i've always just bought the little nature's path packets and microwaved them. i'm not one who is fond of the smell of stovetop cooked oats.